Identity Theft – Are you Protected?

Identity Theft – Are you Protected?

Are you protected against identity theft? Because of the difficulties that identity theft can cause, Minnesota Insurance Service Agency can help you protect your identity at minimal cost.

Identity theft occurs when a criminal obtains or uses the personal information; e.g., name, login, Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, etc., of someone else to assume their identity or access their accounts for the purpose of committing fraud, receiving benefits, or gaining financially in some way.

Here are several types of identity theft (Yes, there are more.):

  1. Criminals access existing accounts. Once that is done, they can charge your credit cards, file claims against your insurance policies, and drive you finances (and credit score) off a cliff.
  2. Thieves create new accounts in your name. You wouldn’t receive the statement, so unless you’re checking your credit bureau report, you might not know until it’s too late.
    [By the way, in 2017, Equifax − the credit reporting bureau was breached. This unauthorized access exposed 145.5 Million Personal Identifiable information (PNI) – names, SSN’s, birth dates, Addresses, and in some cases, Drivers License Numbers.]
  3. Tax Identity Theft
  4. Medical Identity Theft
  5. Employment Identity Theft
  6. Child Identity Theft
  7. Senior Identity Theft
  8. Criminal Identity Theft

What are signs of identity theft?

  1. You stop receiving your regular bills and credit card statements.
  2. You receive statements for accounts you never opened.
  3. Debt collectors start calling you day and night about debts you've never heard of.
  4. The IRS alleges you failed to report income for a company you never worked for.
  5. You see withdrawals/charges on your bank or credit card statement that you didn't make.
  6. You try to file your taxes only to discover that someone else beat you to it.
  7. You try to file your taxes and find someone claimed your child as a dependent already.
  8. Your credit report includes lines of credit you never opened.
  9. Your credit score fluctuates wildly and for no apparent reason.
  10. The most obvious sign—you receive a notification that you've been the victim of a data breach.

If you don’t think your identity has be stolen, chances are you are wrong. According to the 2018 End-of-Year Data Breach Report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (IRTC), hackers stole 447 million consumer records containing sensitive personal information! The IRTC also reported that 1.6 BILLION non-sensitive records – such as email addresses passwords and usernames – were also stolen in 2018 – another record.

If your identity is stolen, Kroll Fraud Solutions Group and the Identity Theft Shield offer several benefits:

  1. Start to finish identity restoration through a licensed investigator
  2. Seven-year fraud alert notifications sent to all three national credit repositories
  3. Proactive searches for activity in your name on local and national databases
  4. Comprehensive restoration service
  5. Unlimited identity theft consultation
  6. Continuous identity restoration until your identity is back to what it was before the fraud occurred
  7. And more …

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